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Sales Development Representative

Thesis Education

Thesis Education

Sales & Business Development
Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2023

We are looking for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to join us on our mission to partner with and serve business teachers to inspire the next generation of businesspeople. As an SDR, your role will consist of three primary themes: 1) Sales 2) Sales-Ops, and 3) Support.


  1. Sales
    1. Prospecting: Identify, qualify, and follow up with potential teachers and administrators. This will include email marketing, cold calling, multi-channel outreach, and research.
    2. Demo-ready: Be prepared to demo the BusinessU platform/curriculum.
    3. CRM: Use our customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage leads, deals, and sales activities.
    4. Conferences: Attend educational conferences, help set up the booth, pitch the BU product to attendees.
    5. Other: All hands on deck, help with other tasks that may arise related to the selling process.
  2. Sales-Ops
    1. Conference planning: Conferences are our primary sales/marketing channel. This role will manage all conference planning, logistics, and help set-up.
    2. Vendor forms: Complete and submit vendor registration, RFP, and state adoption forms.
    3. Metrics: Collect data and update various sales dashboards to identify actionable insights used to increase sales team performance.
  3. Support
    1. Intercom: Contribute to/support the “intercoms”, our teacher chat support channel.
    2. Training: Help onboard, train, and support teachers throughout the year.
    3. Feedback: Solicit and synthesize feedback into new product ideas and features.
    4. Other: Other operational/support tasks that may arise. All hands on deck!

This role can earn increasing levels of responsibility over time. We love the life-long learning endeavor that is education. And we equally love learning from each other, and helping develop one another.

This role is for a humble, hard-working, self-starter, with excellent communication skills, and a proven track record of success in sales/sales ops. This person wants to constantly improve the customer experience, is obsessed with learning and sharing learnings, is persistent and perceptive, collaborative and kind, detail-oriented and diligent, strategic and has a strong work ethic, and is someone who enjoys the value of having fun along the way!

The job isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle. Our small team is open and in constant communication via numerous group messaging and other remote/collaborative/productivity tools. We are a growing company, so it's all hands on deck - no job is beneath any of us. :-)

About BusinessU

BusinessU is owned by Thesis Education, which is a B2E Tech-Savvy Publisher, building a portfolio of Interactive and Engaging Curriculum Solutions. Our “Thesis” is simple - that the engagement and efficacy of K-16 content, curriculum, and its delivery, can and should be generationally and dramatically improved. Thesis currently offers the following solutions in K-16 education:

  1. BusinessU delivers turn-key, standards-aligned high school business courses and curriculum.
  2. AgricultureU delivers turn-key, standards-aligned high school agriculture courses and curriculum.
  3. Prodigies Academy is an engaging, interactive, standards-based, turn-key and fully-customizable, K-5 video-based curriculum for general music education.
  4. Collabra Music is an interactive practice engagement and accompaniment platform for 6-16 music and performing arts education.

BusinessU’s mission is to partner with and serve business teachers to inspire the next generation of businesspeople.

BusinessU is a standards-aligned, interactive curriculum platform with full-year courses including Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Intro to Business, Personal Finance, Accounting, Management,, Finance, Economics, Business Law, Social Media Marketing, and Pitch Deck Series. Each course provides up-to-date standards-based lessons and content; video content presented from a group of young, diverse entrepreneurs; various summative (auto-graded) and formative (individual and group activities) assessments; discussions; ethical challenges; exams; and hands-on projects and activities. BusinessU also includes weekly bellringer video episodes based on current events and case studies.

The Teacher Dashboard provides state-specific custom courses, embedded crosswalks, real-time measuring and monitoring tools, standards-based analytics, group management, tracks student leader efficacy, and custom rubrics. BU is fully integrated with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and MS Teams.

BusinessU serves three of the sixteen career and technical education (CTE) clusters: 1) Business Management & Administration, 2) Finance, and 3) Marketing. Career and Technical Education (CTE) ​​provides students in grades 6-16 with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers. Approximately 12.5 million high school students are enrolled in some form of CTE offering around the country.

Values Statement

Welcome to start-up life. This is serious work, for serious people, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We know we either grow, or we don't. It’s all hands on deck, all pushing a rock up a hill, a hill with an unknown summit. That is to say, at all times, someone has to “hold the baby”. We kindly communicate and occasionally sarcastically rebut, smiley face emoji. Grit, we bootstrap, we get er done. We think this work is fun, really fun, but we honor ahem encourage ahem require work-life balance. We honor that we all bring our whole lives and stories to our collective efforts to singularly focus on our mission, so that our vision may become manifest. We serve. We push, but it never comes to shove. We walk the talk. We trust each other.

Thesis Education hopes to leverage our People via our unique collection of experiences, skills and traits, well-suited for this journey; our Purpose for delivering transformative, even disruptive, solutions; our Passion i.e. this is what we lose sleep over; our Platform via our underlying robust scalable software/technology LMS engine; and our Playbook via our experience and track record, business model, marketing methods, muscle memory, and systems and processes we use to grow meaningful B2E solutions.


  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Manager: Michael Lewis, President
  • Annual Salary: $45-55k
  • Bonus Opportunity: 10-15% of salary/year
  • Health Care Plan: Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Family Leave: Maternity, Paternity
  • Paid Time Off: Vacation & Public Holidays
  • Travel: Requires some travel for education conferences.
  • Location: In-office, Thesis HQ is in Lexington, KY